Aesop Concept Store

Archi4m is presenting an interior design proposal for an Aesop Concept Store that could be established in Athens. We aim to embody Aesop’s values while remaining committed to respecting the city’s existing fabric and incorporating a locally relevant design vocabulary.

The proposed concept centers around creating a space that harmonizes with its surroundings celebrates Athenian culture, and provides a serene yet engaging shopping experience for Aesop’s customers. We draw inspiration from the city’s rich history, Mediterranean culture, and ancient architecture to achieve this.

By utilizing local materials such as marble, soft earthy tones, warm lighting, and natural elements, visitors will feel a sense of belonging and familiarity, enhancing the connection between the store and its context. This infusion of local design vocabulary allows us to honor the authenticity of Athens while remaining true to Aesop’s global identity.

The store layout is thoughtfully organized to encourage a smooth flow of customers and provide spaces for exploration and interaction. Our design will feature product displays that showcase Aesop’s utilitarian containers with simplicity and elegance. Additionally, a circular opening in the ceiling will flood the interior with natural sunlight, creating a dynamic and ever-changing environment throughout the day.

The result will be a spatial experience where visitors can immerse themselves in Aesop’s philosophy of meticulous skincare and enjoy a sensory journey that harmonizes with both the brand’s heritage and the vibrant spirit of Athens.