Athens is a city in which the average user finds it difficult to navigate through its urban web. Despite discussions on the unification of archaeological sites and paving main roads, all proposals leading to a common denominator and fail to be implemented. The historic city center is in need of interventions that will give incentive to pedestrians to cross the town and at the same time show its Architecture, as the redesign of abandoned buildings in the surrounding areas of the center can give life and create new landmarks

The building is located in Keramikos. So far, it has been the central depot of the urban buses in Athens. With a catalytic intervention, we change the use of the building by creating a new cultural center. We redesign the buildings’ shell while allowing for interior new uses. The building is constructed six meters under the ground level. Corridors and green plantations are formed on the outer shell, as part of the building, in harmony with the environment.

The user can now sit in the stalls, which cross the building or use the outdoor bleachers for the theatrical concerts. The interior spaces have been created with cultural interest such as: library, music scenes, fairgrounds, coffee area, seating expansion and presentations centers.