The submission of the study aims to create a structure which is in principle welcome, treats, records and hosting refugees and migrants. It builds geophysical data because it is precisely positioned on steep coast typical entry points and passages. The reasons and causes that created the need for immigration impart some special features in this category of people. The ” uprooting experiencing, combined with the collapse of all values makes the personality emotionally vulnerable and resolute. The bid in an environment that will ensure in principle the necessary standard of living (transition phase) and later the promotion and installation in a place where it will evolve (a refugee) aimed at integration – assimilation and gradual regaining of lost values.

Patterns are the basic structure that organizes surfaces or structures rationally. Pattern can be described as a repeating unit shape or form, but can also be seen as a “skeleton” that organizes the parts of a composition. The building we have this sense of the Pattern as it develops in the form of repetition. On the vertical axis, the floor levels and stairways and the horizontal is the entire sequence of the unit.
The building is constructed so that it can be flexibly applied in different geophysical fields. It grows with the logic of repetition height and length to complete the scale required. One of the main features is the fact that almost 80% of the total area of the building is located inside the rock. Starting at sea level and reaching a maximum height of the top of the cliff, so therefore given the option with the appropriate architectural manipulations to increase or decrease the total size. The specific example of the building that was applied in this study, developed in a total of 22 floors, while the total number of people that can accommodate each unit is about 500-600 people.