Hub Lighting and Innovation by Kafkas

The new HUB of Kafkas company at 517 Vouliagmenis Avenue is a model site in the field of architectural lighting.
The exterior retains the basic characteristics of a modern construction with an emphasis on linearity and clean surfaces. The organic form of the entrance with its repeated vertical levels creates a contrast, which enhanced by strong symbolism achieves a transition capable of introducing the visitor to a unique spatial experience. Internally, the basic division of the building program is divided into three horizontal levels. The ground floor, as well as the mezzanine, are treated with a unified aesthetic view, the main characteristics of which are natural materials and light colours that, combined with the bold proportions of the outer shell and the Open Plan interior, respond to the functional challenges. The sculptural columns in a dialogue of curved and orthogonal graphics form a point of reference in the central area of the reception, while a key element in the demarcation of the operations program is the vertical wooden blind system that subtly filters the different functional areas.
The conference room is a vital element that balances between large and small scale as it utilizes and integrates the dominant form of the building shell. The natural materials that synthesize the general atmosphere are wood, metal, crystal, and cement mortar, to not only embed an ecological approach but also demonstrate that they are combined with the highest technologies in the field of construction science.
An imaginary horizontal axis diversifies the underground space where the atmosphere changes since the lighting conditions promote a different approach. The partitioning of the first sector and the open floor plan of the rest are supported by a more industrial character with homogeneous materials but darker colours, thus emphasizing that lighting flexibly alters the space and is, therefore, a catalytic tool of architectural composition.
The creative process in this study is balanced in a dialogue of geometric and non-geometric volumes that respond to a specialized and demanding building program. The challenge is great for a conceptually expressive space based on superior light.


The concept

A node of skilled, committed professionals… A network of various expertise… The core of our company where each of its structural and functional units come together. The HUB of lighting and innovation.

The idea

The HUB becomes the place where light triggers innovation. A scenery of light that fully demonstrates its interplay with technology. A project that ceaselessly seeks to highlight the necessity for interaction between functionalism and aesthetics

The vision

The HUB aspires to inspire new ways of communication, education, collaboration. Each space is designed to provoke and activate scenarios, actions, phenomena that call for professionals from different disciplines to coordinate, collaborate and finally deliver a complete end-to-end project.


Construction Team: Xrysi Tomi

Photography: Dimitris Poupalos – Louiza Nikolaidou